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अंकाई, टंकाई आणि गोरक्षगड

Ankai Fort

Ankai- Tankai is twin forts means they are connected to each other in very short distance. This are situated in Manmad, Nashik. There is one station named Ankai Killa station.

Ankai-Tankai Hight 961-854 m. Easy to climb.

From so many months we all are waiting for this Trek. Everytime we plan and there were always a reason to not do this location and we went on another forts. Like in my previouse post we did sarasgad, Jivdhan and all but Ankai-Tankai was that time attraction for us to do a Trek.

We started this trek early in the night from Kalyan station, we all get down at manmad station around 11.30 pm. Manmad is a well crowded city so we took some food for the night and book a cab for Ankai Kill base village. We desided to take our dinner on fort only so we started our trek in night....

Around 1-1/2 stiff climb we reached at some plateau on the fort. That was a good place to relax and take our dinner. after food we again walk for 30 min. and finally we were at the Agutsya Ashram so we decide to take nap there.

Agutsya Ashram

In morning we roam on fort for the sight seeing like over the top there are 5 caves and 7 water tanks. There was one old structure also at the end plateau on fort. We did night trek so we went directly on top of Ankai for rest but actually on the way there are Acient buddhist caves below the fort. We are already at the top so we deside to go on Tankai fort firts then visit to Caves.

At half of climb down there are some broken steps which leads to Tankai fort. Around 30-45 min small climb we reached at top of Tankai Fort. Top of the fort there is big plateau with mahadev temple and a lake. also the construction and the bastion.

Later we went down for the caves. The caves are well maintained but be aware their are lots of monkeys. Caves are also with metal gates and all cause of the monkeys. But no need to worry monkeys cause this monkeys are harmless they are thier for the channas(Chikpeas) only.

Now we are facing the 12 pm heat from the sky, of course Its march...

But we yet not declare our trek
end...cause there was one more plan for Gorakshagad
There are three caves and steps to climb on Graksha gad. So Its easy for anyone. It was difficult to reach at the Top of Hill cause it need the rope. After some rest at the Grakshnath Temple Shade we started back to our way for Kalyan.

We reached at Highways near base Goraksha Hill, Visapur road. We waited for atleast 45 min for ST or Auto. Finally we got one Truck and that was so fun to travel back to Manmad station on the Truck.

Our destinations were superb, But not in summer.....

Note: There are water available on the fort. But one should arrange food by themselves...

Happy Trekking.....

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