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Sandhan Valley

About Sandhan Valley :
Sandhan Valley, also known as Valley of suspense or Valley of Shadow, is one of the greatest canyons in the splendid setting of Sahyadri (Western Ghats). The water carved valley is 200 ft deep and about 15ft long. Sandhan valley is located on the western side of the beautiful Bhandardara region, near Samrad village.
The brilliant and deep narrow rock floored ravine is located between the two high walls of mountain range. At some plaices its width is less than 3 ft and at some places sun rays unable to reach the ground. Which gives it the name: valley of shadow.

Our story to Sandhan Valley :
From long time we heard about this name call Valley of Shadow - Sandhan Valley. After a long search about how to go where to stay..We start out trek on  Friday 7th December, 2012.
This time we deside to travel with our own vehicles sothat was easy journey for us. Samrad is the nearest village to saty fir this trek. we heard about sandhan valley that it has 2-3 repelling patches which can not be possible without any professional's help so we find one villager Datta Bhangre __________. He is same as our age who know every place in bhandardara lake. that was really very terrific experience while crossing this Valley. Around 8.00am after a breakfast we start our walk to Sandhan valley. 

Small water pool
           That was first time we all gone to do the repelling, so we all so excited.

It took around 1pm to cross the valley then we took stop near one small pool between the rocks; Here we took our lunch. later we decided to return the village via another root because it is not possible to cross valley return. In the return path we really got so much tired because of climbing in the rocks.

After 2-3 hrs. climb we came on base part of samrad village. We were carried 4 tents and 1 sleeping bag with us so there was no worries about goo night sleep...

About Ratangad :
Ratangad is believed to be one of the favourite forts of even Shivaji maharaj!. Ratangad is known as the jewel fort. It is situated in dense forests of Kalsubai – Harishchandragad range and offers a very beautiful view from the top. It is located in the district of Ahmednagar and is located about 4255 feet above sea level. Geographically Ratangad is at the banks of Bhandardara lake of Ahmednagar district.

The next Day  8 December, 2012 We started our journey to Ratangad in morning 9.30am. after 4 hrs. walk and climb we reached on fort at 1.30pm here datta cook a lunch for all of us. after lunch we did little rest. around 2hrs rest we visit Ratlubai Temple on ratangad.

Next day we pack-up out trek of bandardara and leave for home on the return path we visit Amruteshwar temple which is near Ratanwadi. Those who want to do only Ratangad for them Ratanwadi is base village to start their trek.

Note :
Sandhan Valley is not a mansoon trek, Ratan gad you can do in mansoon. For all trekker I request do not camp in the valley either you cross and stay or stay near Samrad Village. 

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  1. सांधण दरी.........हा खेळ सावल्यांचा...........आता हा खेळ पुन्हा खेळण्याची इच्छा आहे, पण उलट दीशेने..........
    आणि सर्वात महत्वाच..........विशेष आभार...... श्री. दत्ता भांगरे यांचे

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  3. Sandhan valley trek is one of the best short trek. A must visit for trek lovers.


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  4. You can hire a local guide cum Rappelling expert in advance. They charge very less amount for their help during entire trek. You can contact them for Food and stay at Sandhan contact details
    Govind Bhangre - +91 7057340541

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