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सिद्धगड आणि गोरखगड


This hill fort had tallest hight to climb in all forts in Maharashtra is about 910 meters.
Team :
Purushottam, Shivaji, Bhushan, Siddhesh, Prashant, Vishal, Dhananjay & Amay    

 Our story to Siddhagad : 

We started our trek on Saturday morning meeting at Kalyan station at 5:30 am. From their we took a bus at 6:00 am for Murbad which reaches at 7:00 at Murbad from their we took a bus at 7.15 for Ghasai and get down at Narivali at 8:00 am which is the base village of Siddhagad.

There is a tea stall at the Narivali bus stop of Mr. Yaswant Bhamade who provide refreshment for the trekkers. We kept our luggage at his place took the breakfast in the morning and started for our journey to Siddhagad at 9:15 am.
Temple at Siddhwadi

There are marks on the way to reach Siddhagad in between there is Siddhawadi where one can stay while climbing. We reached Siddhawadi at around 12:30 pm in afternoon. We decided to take our lunch over there.  Started to walk at the top at 1:15 pm From Siddhawadi it took 1hr and 45 minutes to reach at the top i.e. we reached around 2:45 pm at top which is known as ‘Bale Killa’. We stayed over there for ½ hr. and started stepping down at 3:15 pm it took us heardly 45 min to reach siddhawadi i.e. by 4:00.
Bale Killa


We had our lunch at 4:15 pm rested for while and again started our journey towards Narivali village where we kept our luggage. We started moving by 5:00 pm, so that it should not get darker in the jungle while stepping down. It took 2½ hrs. to reach Narivali i.e. 7:30 pm. we have decided to stay at Narivali for the rest.


About : 
Gorakhgad is a small fort at Dehri village near Murbad. Named after Saint Goraknath, the fort is at a height of 2150 ft above sea level. This fort is made with dike like pinnacle at the bottom of Sahyadri range. Fully stone curved steps to top telling its age is more than 1000 years. It was had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje. However, no major battle is recorded to have taken place here.The fort gets its name from Saint Gorakhnath, who performed his “Sadhana” in this place.


Our story to Gorakhgad : 
Mahadeo temple with Nandi

After rest at Narivali Village we started our journey 6:30am for Gorakhgad. We had breakfast at around 7:00 am and we took our luggage and moved forward for Dehri village. The treat we received from Yashwant Family during our stay was very nice. From Narivali it took hardly 20 min. to reach Dehri. One can also walk which takes 1 hr. to reach Dehri. At 7:45 we left Yashwant house and reach Dehri by 8:10 am. After going Dehri there is one shop were we have to registered our names who all are visiting Gorakhgad. We decided to have a lunch in afternoon over that place only, so we decided to kept our luggage at his place only and start towords Gorakhgad. It takes only 3hrs to reach at top.
The best part of Gorakhgad is not complete without reaching the top of the pinnacle. Facing the cave, move ahead towards your right. Just after a short walk some steps can be seen on your left, which take you to the top. The top of the fort is very small. There is a small Mahadeo temple with Nandi. A wide region ranging from Siddhagad and Machchindragad up to Ahupe Ghat and Jeevdhan in the Naneghat area towards north can be seen from the fort-top. By 1.00pm we are at the same place where we registered our names for lunch. 

Happy Trekking....

Some Pics From Group : 


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